Departure Thailand


Departure, a luggage brand originated in Taiwan, with its unified design of beauty and high-quality production, is a representation of an extensive array of products that matches with each and every kind of journey. We were awarded the design and construction work of the brand’s first store in Thailand.

Gradations of grey and black borderline, metallic materials that amalgamate into a monochromatic space, while each luggage of various colours and sizes stand out effortlessly. To illustrate the brand’s “lightweight” property characterized by the smoothness of the wheels and airy polycarbonate body, category signs that exhibit buoyancy are adopted.

Apart from its functionality as a showroom to share with the clients the stories of each product, the store also functions as a hub that invigorates the brand community.

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Client : Departure Thailand
Interior Design : FAST SPACE DESIGN
Interior Decoration : FAST SPACE DESIGN
Design Director : Ryosuke Ebisawa
Project Lead : Onwanya Kingkaew