Following Domohorn Wrinkle’s Bangkok store, we have been awarded the interior design project for Domohorn Wrinkle Taichung.  This is the second branch in Taiwan (for Saishunkan Phamaceutical ) where the communication space is designed for the customers to familiarize themselves with the brand concept, and experience the actual products at the premise.

The overall space is structured upon the main concept of“natural beauty with transparence”, which places emphasis on the iconic“vibes” of the brand whose core target are females between 30 to 60 years old while also providing tactile experiences of a physical store that cannot be communicated by online shopping experience alone.

The gently-curved furniture and fittings are in exquisite contrast with the linear architecture. Visitors are welcomed by the gentle and graceful hues in white oak and pale pink, which plays its shade into an almost white colour, depending on the rays of light from outside.

Uplighting and interior design that emphasize on vertical lines are employed so that the space where the ceiling is low appear more commodious.

On the other hand, the sliding partitions that enable flexibility in space utilization at the trial space come with diagonally positioned louvers in the middle section. This gives a sense of roominess even while the partitions are closed and at the same time ensures privacy as eye contact can be avoided.

Situated at an extremely busy corner in downtown Taichung, the challenge was to attract the attention of passers-by in addition to the visual presentations such as large monitors and posters.  Inspired by the lighting design at Castiglioni’s IDEAL STANDARD’s showroom, a myriad of dropping bulbs is reminiscent of the “freshness’ of Domohorn Wrinkle liquid products which also catches the eyes of the people on the street or pedestrians waiting at the junction.

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Client : Saishunkan Co., Ltd (Taiwan Branch)
Interior Design : FAST SPACE DESIGN
Interior Construction : TIPOT Interior Design, Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd
Lighting Design : APLD Co., Ltd.
Photo : Kuomin Lee
Material Palette Photo : FAST SPACE DESIGN