Domohorn Wrinkle


In supporting ladies who seek healthy, radiant skin, Saishunkan has developed and launched the Domohorn Wrinkle line of anti-ageing skin care products.  Being an exclusively online and mail-order retailer, the company has decided to create a sensational Domohorn Wrinkle Experience Space, which has already been opened in several regions. This time, Thailand will gain its first flagship experience store, which became our design and construction consultancy responsibility

With the requirement being a space for Thai customers who have known Domohorn Wrinkle for the first time to further understand the brand, we opted for a simple and lucid in-store interaction format.

In addition, the familiar conceptual imageries employed in our Japanese and Taiwanese stores are being redeployed here to further strengthen the brand image. However, we also emphasize the overall tone of feminine graciousness by using svelte steel frames and curved motifs, luxurious felt material and soft reflected lighting arrangement which illuminates in a gradient pattern and its effect furthered by the glass layers.  We proposed a space based on the theme of “delicacy” and “sophistication”, thus achieving our intended store experience and by extension, the concept image of the Thai store design.

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Client : Saishunkan Pharmaceutical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Interior Design : Fast Space Design
Collaborator : ABC Office Interior Co., Ltd.