Monstar Lab, with its main focus on global sourcing, has expanded their business presence internationally with their dream team in play to take up planning, development as well as  practical application of Digital Products development. As a result of such international expansion, the latest venture is born in the form of a Co-Working Space project in Thailand, which we (FSD) collaborate with Flooat company as fellow designers in order to perform a total renovation/makeover of the 3-storey building.
Our team elected to keep the building frame that was only visible to us upon dismantling. Together with the Flooat team, we crafted a continuous flowing space through the use of an atrium of elaborate shape. Our challenge lay in bringing out the most interesting design characteristic able to be distilled from such a space which became an opportunity for us to reaffirm the fun and hidden possibilities of renovation designs.

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Client : Monstar Lab (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Interior Design : FLOOAT, INC.
Interior Design Development : FAST SPACE DESIGN
Interior Construction : FAST SPACE DESIGN
Photo : Yama Studio