Horiba, Ltd. is a Japanese manufacturer of precision instruments for measurement and analysis. They make instruments that measure and analyze automobile exhaust gas, and environmental, medical and scientific applications. In this occasion, the company will be relocating and consolidating their 2 operating sites in Thailand, we have taken up the challenge of designing their office space.

In the semi public zone, it was required to re-establish the branding image to support the communication with visitors from neighboring countries who visit their new showroom and training rooms. For this theme, focusing on promoting the welcoming vibe in the reception area, the space has been designed with a transparency that the training scenes and activities in the showroom can be seen from a third party at the entrance hall while reflecting the company’s intimate and open culture.

In addition, it was required to create an idea to support the communication between the two departments that were separated before the consolidating. For this theme, we adopted a design that allows for incidental communications by distributing the meeting spot along to the limited points that they can pass between semi public zone and private zone.

EN 日本語

株式会社堀場製作所(ほりばせいさくしょ 英名:HORIBA, Ltd.)は、設立以来、分析・計測機器の総合メーカーとして、多彩な製品を世界各国に送りだしてきた、独立系の分析・計測機器大手。この度タイにおける2拠点の事業所の移転統合にあたり、設計を担当することになった。



Client : Horiba (Thailand) Ltd.
Interior Design : FAST SPACE DESIGN
Collaborator : ITOKI Modernform
Photos : Panoramic Studio
Design Director : Ryosuke Ebisawa
Project Lead : Nattawan Akapongkul