Sake Forest


E-Shochu is a company which envisions the deepening of Japan-Thai relations and interactions through the increased exposure of Japanese Liquor into the Thai market.  In keeping with that vision, this time the company is planning for a new retail outlet which aims not just to engage in liquor sales but also become the place for communicating the latest news in the industry as well as be the de-facto destination for Japanese liquor enthusiasts to gather.


We therefore proposed the creation of the Sake Forest (Japanese お酒の森) as a space to exhibit  the rich variety and style of liquor lineup comprising of Japanese Sake and Shochu, which are arranged metaphorically into a forest; liquor bottles standing proudly just like trees  in their habitat. Thus, the Sake Forest is a name alluding to the concept, and also a befitting name we have decided to use as the store name.


One of the important component in Japanese Liquor distillation process, the “koujibuta”, which is a rectangular wooden frame stacked vertically, is mounted on the ceiling as a visual motif; a reminder of the process which these liquor must undergo to become what they are today.  Luminaires are further placed above these koujibuta to abstractly form images of light rays shining into the forest. The warmth from the scene forms not only a comfortable and zen-like place where visitors can stay and appreciate for lengths of time, but also a visually appealing sight for shoppers coming up the escalator from below, enticing them to enter the store from a distance.

EN 日本語


数多くの日本酒や焼酎が陳列される様子を森の木々に見立て、様々な人々が集まる交流の場として発展していくお酒の森=Sake Forestというコンセプトを提案し、それが最終的には店舗名にも採用された。


Client : E-Shochu Co., Ltd.
Interior Design : FAST SPACE DESIGN
Interior Decoration : FAST SPACE DESIGN
Photos : Wison Tungthunya & W Workspace