Yim’s Style

Health & Wellness

For this project, we are in charge of a solution for integrating chiropractic clinic, massage parlour, eyelash and beauty salon into a single comprehensive integrated facility. A rundown single detached house was chosen as the site for a total renovation comprising design, construction and landscaping to bring about the eventual establishment of ‘Yim’s Style’ facility.

Within ‘Yim’s Style’, the main offering will be quality massage service which devotes a lot of attention to the patients’ health needs and their proper healing. These services will be unlike the typical Thai massage found generally, as careful detail and data gathering from patients about their problematic points allow Yim’s Style to tailor-make the treatment procedures to suit individual needs. Here we try to move away from the generic Thai traditional designs, but instead focus on keywords such as “detoxification” and “organic”, culminating in extraordinary spatial experiences.

Also, the existing house condition’s merit must be preserved. The ability of light to shine through, giving a sense of transparency to the building, will remain in the renovation. Interesting surface like steel and stones are materials that evoke different feelings of density that we opt to also add to the overall composition and thus aim to achieve a skillful balance of harmony in the result.


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整体を取り入れたマッサージ、美容院、アイラッシュを含めた総合ビューティーサロンとして新しく設立されたYim’s Style。老朽化した1件家をリノベーションするプロジェクトの設計施工及びランドスケープを担当した。



Client : AHM Asia Co., Ltd.
Interior Design : FAST SPACE DESIGN
Interior Decoration : FAST SPACE DESIGN
Photos : YAMASTUDIO (Photo 1,2,3,4,5,6) FAST SPACE DESIGN (Photo 7)